How do I make an appointment?

For making an appointment please write an email to info@quintclyde.com.
For a wanna do: Describe in your email your preferred wanna-do design, where you would like to have it tattooed and what size.
For custom works: Describe in your email what you are thinking of, what size you would like to have the tattoo and ofcourse the placement. In addition you could sent me photos of designs or tattoos you already like.

Reschedule appointments is always possible, please let me know at least 24 hours before. People who are not showing up at their appointment – for what kind of reason – are likely to not going to be planned in anymore.

When you make an appointment, it is not necessary to write me a few days before if your appointment date is still fixed. When you do not hear anything from me after the appointment is made, the date is always fixed.

How much will my tattoo cost?

The final price of your tattoo will depend on the size, placement, and amount of detail in your tattoo design. If you have a fixed price range you would like to stay within, please let me know before.

Do you take deposits?

I do not. I like to draw the design on the appointment date itself so we can easily communicate, trace the area of the body and measure how the tattoo will be.

Do you tattoo the same tattoo twice?

I never tattoo a design twice, as I find that a tattoo has to be personal. Occasionally I make multiple designs of the same idea that have a different visual aspect.

Please respect my clients who have their individual tattoo. Dont steal their tattoo or designs to get them done at another ‘artist’. (Read: COPY STATEMENT)

Can I bring friends?

Yes you can bring someone with you. Keep in mind that we have a small studio where we are working with multiple people so we are not able to accommodate many people.

What are the openings times of the studio and what is the address ?

We are not working with opening hours because we are private studio. Please get in contact with me through email first. We want to avoid to get interrupted in the tattoo sessionjs. There I will contact you further about address details and visiting times.

Thanks in advance! I am looking forward to your message! (: